The Foundation’s mission is about changing people’s perception about all Animals. We intend to help people fall in Love once again with their Planet.

Paws World India  is rooted in the belief that by raising awareness, one can start a revolution of Love and Respect for all living beings in the world.

Animals are your neighbour’s on this earth. Respect them. We have based our whole philosophy on this quote.

Paws World  was inspired by a single unexpected act of Love which turned in magic.

In 2012, Naz Nuna Ezekiel, was about  to end her life cause of Problems Frustrations, Financial Problems who is half Israel half Muslim. Sitting alone and thinking how to re- start and suddenly a stray who came and sat next and just wanted love. This single event of Love gave birth to what today is Paws World.

Our Mission

Paws World is about changing people’s perception about our Planet and all Animals.

Just think once world without Animals, how it would be. GOD CREATED HUMANS & ANIMALS.

To rescue as many Animals in need from sad circumstances (Legal and illegal) and from people that have them as pets and later leave them on roads to die, Paws World will provide them with a home, the best food, medical care and a life of dignity and Love.


  1. Raise awareness in India & Worldwide about the plight of animals through pictures and videos using our Social Media Platforms and by giving conferences in School , Collage and Corporate Houses, making the millions of people that follow us fall in Love with animals and fall in Love with our Planet.
  2. Continue with the intense collaboration with the authorities in order to change the laws to protect all species of Animals in India and inspire all countries around the world to join in this effort.
  3. We also believe that in a couple of years, with the amount of awareness that we will raise together with all the people that currently are working extra hard to protect our Planet, we will be able to regain the lost Animals, and perhaps we will be able to help increase the numbers of those species.


Animals and Humans together can save the world. – Naz Nuna Ezekiel

We have found out that while in our search the more Animals living together in a group, the happier they are so as humans.

“The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judge by the way its animals are treated”.  Mahatma Gandhi